BABAO Annual Conference 2017

Babao 2017

babao Liverpool annual conference

LJMU's John Lennon Art and Design Building Liverpool United Kingdom

The 19th Annual Conference of the British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology at Liverpool John Moores University from 8-10 September 2017.

Meeting registration is now open on LMJU's website:

Abstract submissions for a podium or poster presentation are welcome.
The conference themes are :

  • Palaeoanthropology and  primate evolution

  • Forensic Anthropology

  • Bioarchaeology and Archaeological Science

  • Molecules and Isotopes

  • Palaeopathology

  • Human Adaptation and Variation

  • Dental Anthropology

  • Primatology

  • New and emerging technologies in bioarchaeology


In addition, BABAO delegates will be able to contribute two abstracts to the 'Being Human Festival' that takes place in the city. Each delegate will be able to propose an activity for the following events:

  • Saturday 4-5pm: Public Exhibition

  • Sunday 2-5pm: Meet the Anthropologist in the World Museum

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