Post-Medieval Carmelite Monastery in Aalst by K. Quintelier & colleagues

This Spotlight of the Month presents the work of Kim Quintelier and her colleagues on a post-medieval Carmelite monastery in Aalst (East Flanders, Belgium). They used stable isotope examination combined with macroscopic analysis to study this urban graveyard.

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Spotlight on our members' work: Prehistory Matters

In this Spotlight of the Month, we’re presenting you two recent publications on prehistoric case studies by three of our highly experimented members: one regards paleopathological traces on a Late Neolithic Mandibular Condyle by Caroline Polet and Frank L'Engle Williams; the other one examines a Late Neandertal lower left P3 by Michel Toussaint and colleagues.

Both articles analyzed human remains from rockshelters or caves from the Meuse River system, in Central Belgium, where hundreds of similar archaeological sites are known.

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