Dis Manibus: a brilliant exhibiton in Ath

Last month - June 22 - was launched an interesting funerary exhibition, called Dis Manibus, burials under the magnifying glass, by two talented curators & archaeologists Florine and Karine at the Gallo-Roman Space of Ath. All our colleagues agree: it was brilliantly set up. A few members of BOAPAS helped in preparing this, i.e. Caroline Polet, Alexandra Boucherie, Hélène Déom and Aubrée Godefroid.

Dis Manibus

The exhibition shows up the life and death of our Gallo-Roman ancestors, especially in the region of Ath (Nervii used to live there).

Accurate archaeo-anthropological data are explained to the visitors with various archaeological material and a few bones.

The best part is that the visitors are really put in a nice and ancient atmosphere while discovering Gallo-Roman funerary practices (including cremation burials). The tour ends up with a physical anthropologist’s corner: the office of a specialist is recreated with all tools and books a human osteologist usually uses for an analysis.


It’s a must-see for any human curious about bones and Romans!


In bonus, if you haven’t heard of this, some of our members (Charlotte Sabaux and others) are working on a PhD project about cremations: CRUMBEL.

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