Alexandra Boucherie

PhD student in physical anthropology (ULB & RBINS)


Alexandra Boucherie has a Bachelor degree in Archaeology (University of Nantes, FR) and a Master by research in Biological Anthropology (University of Bordeaux, FR). Recently, she obtained a MSc in Forensic Osteology from Bournemouth University (UK). She is currently working at the Université Libre de Bruxelles as a teaching assistant in Archaeology and as a doctorate candidate. She is giving practical lectures in archaeology, theoretical  lectures to anthropology and, she is co-supervising the ULB fieldschool (Bachelor programme). Her PhD research is dealing with methodological aspects of sex determination. She is investigating the sexual dimorphism of metrical variables from the skull in order to develop a robust method applicable to fragmented and burnt human remains from archaeological sites. Alexandra is interested in various topics in funerary archaeology and anthropology such as mortality crisis and multiple burials linked to either epidemic or battle-related events, paleopathology and traumatology, and the application of methods to forensic cases resolution. She already participated to the analysis of two major mass grave assemblages (Dendermonde and Sandbjerget, see publications) and had experience in forensic cases since she volunteered 3 months at the Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus (Nicosia), under the United Nations supervision.


Specialties:  physical anthropology, forensic anthropology, archaeology of historical and contemporary multiple burials (epidemics, armed conflicts), paleopathology, traumatology, stress indicators, sex determination methods


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Alexandra Boucherie







She summarized the 2017's annual conference of the Société d’Anthropologie de Paris

& presented a poster on her work on Danish battle-related mass grave (her Master's dissertation at Bournemouth University).

Caroline Polet (RBINS) gave a talk on the analysis of human skeletal remains from Kindoki, Congo.

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