Our second meeting @RINSB

Meeting compile petit rvb

On the 14th January 2017, we determined our objectives for the year (collaborations with museums for exhibitions on funerary practices; newsletter; etc.).

Our talk @JAW 2016, Namur

We had the pleasure to make a talk @JAW 2016 conference in Namur!

Jennifer, Hélène, Alexandra and Aubrée

Our members, Hélène and Aubrée, were BOAPAS spokespersons at the JAW on Thursday. Jennifer and Alexandra also attended the conference.

This is the presentation we showed on Thursday 17th November, at the Palais des Congrès.

We explained our vision, objectives, perspectives and gave some examples underlining the usefulness of our presence on the field and our services in the lab.

Our very first meeting @RINSB

Osteo meeting 1 27022016 kbin 1

It took a little while to find a date but... On the 27th February 2016, we determined the aims and objectives of this group. We also voted to choose a name: BOAPAS

Then, several logo ideas were drawn... to eventually come to a choice:

Logo handbones and caliper with caption small

Next step was this website (receiving all researchers info, finding a motivated translator for Dutch, ...).

This is where everything started...

Decision Day @DeadMenTalking Conference

Founders - Marieke, Marit, Davina & Hélène at the Dead Man Talking colloquium in Koksijde 2015, original version

Marieke, Marit, Davina and Hélène met at the Dead Men Talking conference, 7th colloquium of the Abbey of the Dunes in Koksijde, on 21st til 23rd October 2015. They decided on launching this society after a talk given by Marit... A contact list was then created for people interested in it.

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